Monday Kids Programmable Logic Controller PLC Industrial Control Board Program Controllers FX1N-10MT Module

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  • Multi-purpose: Widely used in various industrial automatic control, such as metallurgy, chemical, plastic, textile, food, packaging, printing, building materials, woodworking, central air conditioning, environmental protection equipment and industrial assembly line industry single process control equipment, all kinds of various machine tool.
  • Function: PLC board directly draws ladder diagram using GX programming software, directly writes to PLC, can be monitored online. Support ladder logic programming language programming, download and monitoring.
  • Support: It supports super encryption, as long as the password is entered in the PLC state, there is no read function. Built-in timing circuit can effectively guarantee the long-term operation of the module.
  • High quality: high quality chip, small size, stable performance, online download, online monitoring, automatic saving when power is off.
  • Powerful: The programmable logic controller adopts industrial grade 32-bit MCU, which has strong anti-interference ability and faster speed.

Advantages of using PLC boards:
1 programming convenience, customers can learn to learn a day
2 reusable
3 high stability
4 easy to expand

Voltage: 10~28VDC
Size: 72*35*20mm/2.83*1.37*0.78in
Auxiliary Relay Normal Use M0~M383 Power Failure Hold  M384~M1535  Special Use M8000~M8255 State Hold Use
S0~S999  Timer
100MS T0~T199
(0.1~3,276.7 seconds) 10MS T200~T245
(0.01~327.67 seconds) 1MS accumulative
Power failure hold
100MS accumulative
Power failure hold
Counter 16-bit Add Mode C0~C15 (0~32767) 16-bit Add Mode
(Power Failure Hold) C16~C199  High Speed Counter
(Power Failure Hold) C200~C255 Data Register
16-bit Common Use D0~D127 16-bitPower Failure Hold D128~D5029 16-bit Special Use(AD) AD0 conversion result directly save at D5000
16-bitSpecial Use(AD) AD1 conversion result directly save at D5010
*Input high speed pulse C235, C251 function compatible with FX1N.
*Y0 Y1 can send maximum 10K pulse, function compatible with FX1N.
*Output point is open collector output, rated current is 5A, can directly drive DC solenoid valve, no need of external relay.

1, When using GX Developer programming software, USB-TTL adapter board is needed to connect this board and computer.
2, This PLC has 1 built-in analog input AD0, corresponding input voltage is 0-10V.
3, This PLC has 1 built-in analog input AD1, corresponding input voltage is 0-10V.
4, If connecting this PLC to touch screen or text screen, a external 232-TTL module is required

The PLC adopts industrial grade anti-jamming strong 32 bit MCU, GX DEVELOPER and GX WORKS2 support, support the super encryption (as long as the PLC stops under the condition of 11111111 keyword input will not read after only download function, so as to achieve the user program to be cracked)

Integrated, systematic anti-interference processing, the power supply circuit through the design of multiple anti-jamming, without fear of all kinds of adverse electromagnetic interference working environment.
Using powerful 32Bit speed ARM nucleus CPU programming software FXGPWIN or GX Developer programming
Can download debugging Monitor
(No software conversion, and as the same way as the regular PLC Download)

Application scope:Be flexible to use in the automatic control occasions of various industries, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, industrial control equipment, plastics, textile, food, building materials, packaging, printing, carpentry, central air conditioning, environmental protection equipment and single process control equipment and other industries in the production of machinery, industrial production line, all kinds of machine tools in.

This control board is10VDC-24VDCUniform mayPower supply, select type for FX1N. Input: X0-X5 a total of 6 points, output: Y0-Y3 a total of 4 points. Maximum memory capacity: 2000 stepsBoard has three spray paint, to better adapt to the complex application environment)

Module function:
This module is programmable control, can achieve thousands of functions, stable and reliable working performance, built-in watchdog timer circuit, to ensure that the module for a long time to run!!!.

Some of the common features are shown as follows:

Turn on the power supply, the relay 1 is closed for N seconds and then disconnect the relay 2 for N seconds.
When the power supply is turned on, the relay 1 is switched off after N seconds, and then the relay 2 is closed for N seconds and then is turned off.
The power supply is switched on, the relay 1, 2 have no action, when a signal or trigger button, relay 1 seconds after N closed off; then 2 seconds after the N relay closed off, until the next trigger, repeat the same action.
Through the signal 1, 2 programming, can be achieved on the relay 1 and 2 arbitrary control.
When the signal 1 has a signal, the relay 1 is closed, the relay 2 is disconnected; when the signal 2 has a signal, the relay 1 is turned off, and the relay 2 is closed.
Can be connected to the sensor signal such as PNP/NPN, the sensor signal programming, to achieve arbitrary control of the relay.
When the signal 1 is triggered, the relay 1 is controlled, and when the signal 2 is triggered, the control relay is controlled by a relay.
Turn on the power supply, control the motor is turning N seconds, and then reverse N seconds, followed by the cycle.
When the signal 1 has a signal, the motor is controlled to rotate; when the signal 2 has a signal, the motor is reversed.

Package Includes:
1 x PLC

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