Monday Kids 4-20mA current signal generator 9v battery operated calibrator

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Here is one inexpensive and very handy tool for testing and simulating your 0-20mA or 4-20mA current loop in your control system. This will help you to do troubleshooting on any current loop signal device. Examples: PLC inputs, motor drives, I/P pressure regulators, flow control valves and list can go on… The most important thing; it is simple and easy to use. How many time has it happened to you when you were in a places where it takes some time and effort to get to and you don’t have a way to test the device (e.g. VFD drive). With this device now you can. And the way it works it shows what current flows. If your circuit is broken (loop is not closed) then it will display zero. When loop is closed it will display how much flows through the circuit. In other words it is generator and meter in one unit. And what's good about it is that it's here in USA. You don’t have to wait a month or more to get it for that low price! Specs: Works on 1(one) 9 volt battery (not included). You can get one at 99 cents store. Of course better quality battery will last longer. Full range of 0-20mA at load resistance of up to 250 ohms. This sale is for one unit only!

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