Monday Kids 10A 6-60V Lithium Battery Charge Controller Protection Board LCD Display Integrated Circuit Overcharge Protection Control Module

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  • Brand Name: Monday Kids
  • Condition: New
  • Type: Logic ICs
  • Operating Temperature: none
  • Supply Voltage: DC 6V-60V
  • Dissipation Power: none
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Model Number: 10A Lithium Battery Charge Controller Protection Board
  • Product Number: XY-L10A
  • Control Voltage: DC 6V-60V
  • Control Current: 10A(Max)
  • Control Precision: 0.1V
  • Output Type: Direct output
  • Feature 1: LCD display;Display battery voltage;Percentage of electricity
  • Feature 2: Time adjustable;Working status indicator;Support UART Set;
  • Feature 3: Automatic protection battery
  • Physical dimension: 79*42*18mm


Battery charging control module automatically controls battery charging and discharging to protect battery.


1>.LCD display

2>.Display battery voltage

3>.Percentage of electricity

4>.Time adjustable

5>.Working status indicator

6>.Support UART Set

7>.Automatic protection battery

3.Parameters :

1>.Product Name:Digital control charging module

2>.Product Number:XY-L10A

3>.Control Voltage:DC 6V-60V

4>.Control Current:10A(Max)

5>.Control Precision:0.1V

6>.Output Type:Direct output

7>.Voltage Error:0.1V

8>.Suitable for battery:Storage Battery,Lithium battery

9>.Physical dimension:79*42*18mm

4.Function Description:

1>.Automatic Charge control function

By setting the Upper limit voltage volt-HI:‘UP’; Lower limit voltage volt-LI:‘dn’;

The relay turns ON and the charger starts charging for the battery when Current battery voltage is less than Lower limit voltage ‘dn’.

The relay turns OFF and complete an automatic charge when Current battery voltage is more than Upper limit voltage ‘UP’.

2>.Charge Time Control Function

How to enable the time control function?

It will enable time control function by setting parameter ‘OP’ is not ‘0’ after entering the parameter set menu.

‘OP’ default parameter is:’--:--h’, the default does not turn on time control function;

After enable Time Control Function(‘OP’ is not equal to ‘0’):

Relay will turn ON and the charger starts charging the battery and the system starts timing when Current battery voltage is less than Lower limit voltage ‘dn’.

Relay will turn OFF and end charging if Current battery voltage is more than Upper limit voltage ‘UP’ during timing.

Relay will turn OFF and end charging if Current battery voltage is less than Upper limit voltage ‘UP’ but the time(‘OP’) has ended.

Relay will keep ON and charging if Current battery voltage is less than Lower limit voltage ‘dn’ even though the time(‘OP’) has ended.Module will automatically turn off the charging time control function.And flashing ‘H:ER’ on screen to remind users that time parameter settings are unreasonable.Press any key to stop flashing.

Note: Time format: 00:59 (00 is hours, 59 is minutes) The maximum time is 99:59 which is about 100 hours.

3>.UART communication and parameter settings

The system supports UART data upload and parameter setting functions (TTL level);

UART: 115200, 8, 1






Relays Enable



Relays Disable



Start data upload



Stop data upload



Read the parameter setting



Set volt-LI:'dn'



Set volt-HI:'UP'



Set the charge time 'OP'. 00:00 is used to stop charge time

Data upload message format:

Battery voltage + battery percentage + charging time + charging status

12.0V, 020%, 00:10, OP

5.Set Parameter:

1>.LCD will display 'SET' after enter set parameter menu by long press button 'SET'.

2>.Switch the set parameters by short pressing button ‘SET’.

3>.Set parameter value by long or short pressing button ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’.

4>.Repeat step 2 and step 3 if need to set other parameters.

5>.Automatically save and exit the setup menu by long press button 'SET' after set all parameters.

6.Button description:

Long press:keep press button for more than 3second.

In the normal display interface:

1>.Display the currently set parameters when short press button ‘SET’;

2>.Switch display charging percentage and charging time when short press button ‘UP’;

3>.Enable Relay ON or OFF when short press button ‘DOWN’.Relay will OFF and display OFF if disable relay.

4>.Set the status of the LCD backlight(L-P) when long press button ‘UP’.

OFF:The backlight will keep bright.

ON:Backlight will be automatically turned OFF after 5-10second.

5>.Long press ‘SET’ button to enter the parameter settings menu.

7.Calculation voltage percentage:

voltage percentage = battery voltage/(volt-HI – volt-LI)


1>. Car

2>. Electric car

3>. Factory

4>. Communications room

5>. Radar station

6>. Computer room

9.Additional Features:

1>.Charging time recording function:The product will record a full charge time when the charging time control is not turned on.Flashing shows the charging time when entering the time display interface.The data will be emptied when exit the time display interface or the next charge is turned on (the relay is turned on)

2>.Automatic parameter detection:The system will flash ‘ERR’ to indicate the reminder when the parameter is set and exiting but Lower limit voltage ‘dn’ more than Upper limit voltage ‘UP’.

3>.Battery connection detection: This product is attached to the battery. If the battery is not connected, the system will display ‘nbE’ on the lower line to remind you;

10.Frequency asked questions:

1>.What is the control voltage range? What is the applicable battery range?

Control voltage range is DC 6V-60V.But battery voltage max is 48V.Because the voltage of 48V battery is 60V after fully charged.

2>.The relay is automatically turned on and off continuously after power on and flashing light?

This is because your charging current is too large or the battery capacity is too small that cause the battery voltage to immediately exceed the Lower limit voltage ‘dn’ value and then relay will OFF.But the voltage drops quickly to the Lower limit voltage ‘dn’ after Relay OFF and then start to charging.Cycle and cycle.

At this point you have to reduce the charging current.Usually the charging current is 10-15% of the battery capacity.For example, if the battery capacity is 20AH, the charging current is 2-3A.

Note that high current charging can cause the battery to heat up, aging, bulging or even exploding.

3>.What control method?

This is the voltage control.For example:Lower limit voltage ‘dn’ is set to 12.0V.Upper limit voltage ‘UP’ is set to 14.5V.It will close output when the voltage is charged to 14.5V.Relay will ON and begins to charge when the voltage is reduced to 12.0V.

4>.Can it be automatically cycled?

Yes,it can.Voltage control mode only controls turn-off and turn-on.

5>.Can it limit the current?

It can't limit current, the charging current is completely dependent on your charger.

6>.Can I charge a 24V battery by inputting 12V?Or charge a 12V battery by inputting 48V?

This is a simple voltage controller just for ON/OFF.It can not change output voltage.So what kind of charger should you prepare for charging the battery!

11.Package Listing:

1>.1pcs XY-L10A 10A Lithium Battery Charge Controller

2>.4pcs White isolation seat

  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.06kg (0.13lb.)
  • Package Size: 15cm x 12cm x 10cm (5.91in x 4.72in x 3.94in)

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