Monday Kids DIY Kits Metal Detector Scanner Unassembled Kit Electroniqu Project 3-5V Suite Trousse Board Module Electronic Part

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  • Brand Name: Monday Kids
  • Type: Voltage Regulator
  • Condition: New
  • Supply Voltage: 3-5V
  • Model Number: Metal Detector DIY KIT
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Application: Other


Note:This module is DIY Kit ,Not a finished product.

Supply voltage: 3-5V (DC) If it is two batteries, please use a new battery.
Dimensions: 66*61MM;
The maximum detection distance: 5CM, generally about 3cm. The larger the metal area, the farther the detection distance is;
Game entertainment, security inspection, search for metal products on the body, including mobile phones, control tools, etc. According to the principle of this design, car detection, flow statistics, elevator floor control, production equipment position detection, production can also be designed according to the principle of this kit. Equipment development and design, electronic product design, amusement equipment development, metal proximity switches, metal detection in the human body (many contraceptive rings are made of metal, and some Red Army veterans may have metal bullets in their bodies, and the future will contain metal organs. There will be a lot), the mountain finds gold ingots to detect.
Common problems and solutions:
1. The component is inserted incorrectly. The correct one is inserted on the side of the word, depending on the finished product.
2. Two resistance welding positions, one 2.2K, the color ring is red black brown brown, one 220K, the color ring is red, black and orange.
3. The electrolytic capacitor and the buzzer are both positive and negative, and the long legs are positive.
4. Three triodes are soldered incorrectly, and the three triodes are of different models. Pay attention to the difference, and the models on the board correspond one-to-one.
5. The positive and negative poles of the power supply are wrong, and VCC is the positive pole.
6. The power supply voltage is insufficient. Do not use the old battery. Two new batteries are required.
7. Soldering power-on has been ringing. After eliminating the problem of insufficient voltage, adjust the potentiometer and adjust it to just when it is not ringing.
Circuit schematics are extremely principled:
Q1, L1, L2, C2, C3, R1, W form a high-frequency oscillation circuit, and the potentiometer W can be adjusted to change the oscillation level gain, so that the oscillator is in a critical oscillation state, that is, the oscillator is just started to vibrate. Q2 and Q3 form a detection circuit. When the circuit is oscillating normally, when the oscillating voltage AC voltage exceeds 0.6V, Q2 will be short-circuited in the negative half cycle to short-circuit C4, resulting in Q3 being cut off; when the detecting coil L1 is close to the metal object, it will The eddy current is generated in the metal conductor, so that the energy loss in the oscillation circuit is increased, the positive feedback is weakened, the oscillation of the oscillator in the critical state is weakened, and the low energy required for the oscillation cannot be maintained, and the vibration is stopped, so that Q2 is cut off, and R2 is given to C4. Charging, Q3 turns on, pushes the buzzer to sound. Depending on the presence or absence of sound, it is possible to determine if there is a metal object underneath the detection coil.
Tips: According to this principle, the circuit can be effectively converted into a proximity switch for elevator floor control. (In many cases, it is not suitable to use photoelectric switches, because it will block the light-emitting device and the light-receiving device due to environmental dust.)
Package include:
1 * Metal Detector DIY KIT

  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.04kg (0.09lb.)
  • Package Size: 12cm x 10cm x 3cm (4.72in x 3.94in x 1.18in)

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